Meeting Minutes

<  White Clay Fly Fishers Meeting
Location: London Tract Meeting House
Date: April 17, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm

I.            Call to Order,

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm

II.       Introductions,

New members Dick Blalock, Wayne Gillen and Glen Ballman

III.   Business Portion:

  • There are no minutes from the March Meeting which was snowed out.
  • Our speaker for March, Joe Gobbel has been rescheduled for the June Meeting, his program is entitled “Fly Fishing the Amazon.
  • Minutes from the Board of Directors Meeting
    • Board of Directors Meeting April 5, 2018
    • Attendees: Joe Allison, Tom Plebani, John Bolmeier, Frank Lenik, Brian Coleman
    • Discussions centered around technology, tieing in the website with facebook, constant contact and paypal.
    • We discussed potential liability issues. Do we need a liability disclaimers when we have non-members participate in club activities?
    • Creating a handbook of member responsibilities, officer responsibilities, how things are done, what gets done and who does it and when.
    • We discussed a path forward working with Mike Miller on accomplishing our technology objectives.
    • We again visited the issue of becoming a non-profit, either in Delaware or Pennsylvania. It has been tabled for now.
    • Decided to contact the Boy Scout Troop where our young fly tiers are from to see if they would come to the meeting on April 17th for Ethan Rakes presentation.
    • Dick Prettyman, Secretary
    • White Clay Fly Fishers.
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • The Annual Banquet again made money. Next years banquet will be on March 30th, and the speaker will be Landon Mayer.
  • Old Business
    • We had a great support from our members for trout stocking. Thank you to everyone who participated especially yesterday’s duck crew who stocked in that seemingly endless downpour.

The next stocking will be Thursday, April 19th at 10am at Thompson’s Bridge.

  • The Fly Fishing Class finished last week with live fishing on the Middle Branch. Congratulations to Steve Salvatelli who graduated with honors, catching his first trout on a fly in the White Clay. Thank you once again to all the volunteers who made the class a success.
  • Our first outing of the year was tremendous. We had about 40 people attending and some of them even caught fish. I hope some of you will share your stories when we get to the fish stories portion of our meeting.
  • The next outing is Saturday, April 28th on the White Clay. As usual we are expecting guests from the Salt Water Fly Anglers of Delaware and the Delaware Valley Women’s Flyfishing Association. Volunteers are needed to help with bringing item from storage unit and setting up for the outing on the White Clay.
  • Our own “Good Year Fishing” contest is off to a great start. I have five species of fish already in Pennsylvania. We still need volunteers to serve as judges for this event.
  • If you notice people harvesting fish, using bait or otherwise poaching text Ed Guthrie at (610) 470-3345. Remember not to confront or challenge these miscreants but to text Ed in short bursts as the cell coverage along the creek is sketchy.


  • New Business
  • Next Month’s meeting will be our traditional “White Elephant Sale”. The Board of Directors has asked me to ask you to please save some of your Starbucks budget and take home some of the wonderful donations which have been given to the club. Remember that this is a fund raiser, not a rummage sale.
  • Please mark your calendars to volunteer for the Children with Challenges cookout and fishing programs.  Dates:  May 2ndand May 9th (Wednesday Evenings)

Time:  4:30-8:00 PM

Location:  Glasgow County Park (896 and Pulaski Hwy)

Meet at Pavilion #4 across the street from the sledding hill and beside the pond.

For more information, contact Wayne Hunter at or (610) 255-3559

  • Ed Gutherie said PA will stock the White Clay on 4/23. Stockers need to be in place on 4/23.   PA Fish and Boat has made a determination that GULP is legal in the DHALO section and Power Bait is not.


  • Fish Stories

Steve Salvatelli was recognized for his fishing prowess as he caught his first trout on the fly during our fishing class.

Nathan Peterson aka “the fish whisperer” and Will for showing Frank Lenik some of their fishing talents.


Business portion of meeting adjourned at 8:00


IV.    Program

Our speaker for tonight is Ethan Rake. Ethan is a Youth member of the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware and was the winner of their Youth Division Award for the “Good Year” contest.