Book# Title Authors
Fly Fishing
B1 Fishing Bamboo John Gierach
B3 Freshwater Fishing Tips & Techniques Kugach
B4 Fly Fishing for Bass Lefy Kreh
B5 Bluegill, Fly Fishing and Flies T.R. Wilson
B6 Trout Tactics Joe Humphries
B7 Trout of the World James Prosek
B8 Salt Water Fly Fishing George Sand
B9 Atlantic Salmon Flies And Fishing Joseph Bates
B10 Backcountry Fly Fishing In Saltwater Richards
B34 Atlantic Salmon Lee Wulff
B35 Bass Bug Fishing William Tappy
B36 Native Trout of North America Roert Smith
B37 Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Tom Rosenbauer
B38 Reading the Water M. Burton
B39 Reading Trout Streams Tom Rosenbauer
B40 Fly Fishing Expert Advice For a Woman Joan Wulff
B41 Kids Guide to Fly Fishing Tyle Befus
B42 Lake Fishing with a Fly Cordes &  Kaufmann
B43 Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bob Clouser
B44 Barr Flies John S. Barr andCharlie Craven
B45 Meeting and Fishing the Hatches Charles Meck
B46 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fishing Basics Mike Toth
B47 Presenting the Fly Lefty Kreh
B48 Fly Fishing for Trout in Streams
B49 Nymph Fishing Dave Hughs
B50 Fishing Limestone Streams Charles Meck
B51 Saltwater Fly Fishing Orvis
B52 Stripers On The Fly Lou Tabory
B53 Idiot’s Fly Fishing
B55 Fly Fishing Strategy Swisher & Richards
B56 The Fisherman’s World Charles Waterman
B57 Hatch Matcher – Fly Fishing Demystified Fisher
B70 Tactics on Trout Ray Ovington
B88 Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies Trey Combs
B113 Pennsylvania Fishes PA Fish Commission
B114 Know Your Fish Tom Dolan
B115 Hatches – A Complete Guide to Fishing the Hatches Al Caucci & Bob Nastasi
B116 Fly Fishing Strategy Swisher & Richards
B117 Through The Fish’s Eye Mark Sosin and John Clark
B118 Fishing with McClane George Reiger
B119 Stillwater Fly Fishing – Tools & Tactics Paul Marriner
B120 Complete book of Fresh Water Fishing Allen Parsons
B121 The Compleat Brown Trout Cecil Heacox
B122 Nymph Fishing for Larger Trout Charles Brooks
B123 Wuill Gordon John McDonald
B124 The Masters on the Dry Fly Michael Migel
B125 Fly Fishing for Trout – A Guide for Adult Beginners Richard Talleur
B126 Fishing Secrets Jerome Knap
B127 Fishing the Midge Ed Koch
B128 The Trout and the Stream Charles Brooks
B129 Fishing Henry Gilbey
B130 Freshwater Fly-Fishing – Tips from the Pros Mark Williams
B131 Fly Fisherman’s 101 Tips from the Expert
B132 Understanding Trout Behamior John Gierach and Brian Clarke
B133 Prospecting for Trout Tom Rosenbauer
B134 Salmon – The Anglers Guide Timothy Frew
B135 Essential Fishing Ronnie Garrison
B136 Fishing with the Fly Rod
B137 Fishing Encylopedia A.J. McClane
B138 About Trout Robert Behnke
B139 Fly Fishing Tom McNally
B140 The Fly Fisherman’s Bible Jim Bashline
Fishing Locations
B12 Fly Fishing Guide to New York Robert Streeter
B13 Fly Fishing Guide to Virgina and W.VA Hart & Dye
B14 Great Lakes Steelhead, Salmon & Trout Weixlmann
B15 Great Lake Steelhead, Orvis
B16 Fly Fishing the Upper Delaware River Weamer
B17 New Jersey Trout Streams
B18 Mid-Atlantic Trout Streams & Their Hatches Meck, Meck and Josephson
B58 Saltwater Fly Fishing From Maine to Texas Don Phillips
B59 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Charles Phair
B60 Virginia Blue Ribbon Streams Harry Murray
B61 Delaware’s Public Ponds
B62 The Complete Guide to The Salmon River George Douglas
B63 Western Fly Fishing Guide Dave Hughs
B64 Fly Fishing Delmarva Sean O’Donnell
B65 Trout Streams of Pennsylvania Dwight Landis
B66 Pennsylvania Limestone Streams J. Armstrong
B67 Trout Streams of Southern Appalachia Jimmy Jacobs
B78 Fly Fishing the Henry’s Fork Lawson & LaFontaine
B91 Maryland, Delaware Atlas & Gazetteer
B93 Montana River Maps & Fishing Guide F. Amato
B94 Montana Fishing Locations – Yellowstone Area
B95 Good Fishing in the Catskills Jim Capossela
B96 The Legendary Neversink Justin Askins
B97 Official Colorado & Wyoming Fishing Guide Tim Kelly
B98 America’s Best Lake, Stream and River Fishing Heina Ulrich
B141 Fishing Vermont’s Streams and Lakes Peter Cammann
B142 Many Rivers to Cross M.R. Montgomery
B143 Discovering and Exploring New Jersey’s Streams Steve Perrone
B144 Fishes of Maine
B145 Flyfisher’s Guide to Oregon John Huber
B146 Flyfisher’s Guide to Texas Phil Shook
B11 View from Rat Lake, John Gierach
B19 Even Brook Trout Get The Blues John Gierach
B20 Trout Bum John Gierach
B21 Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis J. Raines
B22 Sex, Death, Fly-Fishing John Gierach
B23 Dead Angler Victoria Houston
B24 Dead Madonna Victoria Houston
B25 The Fish’s Eye Ian Frazier
B26 The Nail Knot John Galligan
B27 The Blood Knot John Galligan
B28 Pale Morning Done Jeff Hull
B29 The Snowfly Joseph Heywood
B30 Bitch Creek William Tappley
B31 Full Creel Nick Lyons
B68 Memories, Mangroves, and Magic Flip Pollot
B69 Sex and Fly Fishers Keith Russell
B71 The Fly Fishing Anthology
B72 The Armchair Angler
B73 River Pimp Eric W Stroup
B99 The Science of Entomology William Romoser
B100 This Wonderful World of Trout Charles Fox
B101 Fisherman’s Bounty Nick Lyons
B102 Another Lousy Day in Paradise John Gierach
B103 Secret Places of Trout Fisherman George Mendoze
B104 The Last Pool Howard Walden
B105 Upriver and Down – Stories from the Maine Woods Edmund Smith
B147 Confessions of a Fly Fishing Addict Nick Lyons
B148 The Year of the Angler Steve Raymond
B149 Bright River Nick Lyons
B150 Fly Fishing Can Be Fatal David Leitz
B151 Aged in the Woods Paul Bonner
B152 The Fly Fisher’s Reader Leonard Wright
B153 The Best of Field and Stream J.J. Merritt
B154 The Joy of Trout Arnold Gingrich
B155 The Meanest Fish on Earth Larry Leonard
B156 Tales of Fishing (In New Zealand and Beyond) Bryn Hammond
B157 A Different Angle – Fly Fishing Stories by Women Holly Morris
Fly Tying
B2 The Complete Fly Fisherman Max Fielding
B32 What the Trout Said:  About The Design of Trout Flies and Other Mysteries Datus Proper
B33 Saltwater Flies Ken Bay
B54 Selective Trout Doug Swisher & Carl Richards
B74 Flies for Fly Fisherman Helen Shaw
B75 Fly Tyers Bench Reference
B76 Salmon Flies, Paul Jorgensen
B77 Trout Flies – Proven Patterns Garry Lafontaine
B79 Fly Fisher’s Pattern Book Gene Kugach
B80 Carrie G. Stevens, Make of Trout and Salmon Flies Graydon Hilyard
B81 Guide to Fly Tying Dick Talleur
B82 Clouser’s Flies, Bob Clouser
B83 Tying Trout Flies, C. Boyd Pfeifer
B84 The Practical Fly Tie, Royce Dam
B85 Tying Flies Workstation, Brian Grossenbacher
B86 Nymphs, Ernest Schwiebert
B87 Hair-Wing Atlantic Salmon Flies Fulsher & Krom
B89 Tying Foam Flies, Skip Morris
B90 Practical Modern Fly Dressing for the Angler Paul Jorgensen
B92 Pretty & Pratical Salmon Flies Dick Talleur
B106 The Beginner Fly Tyer Jim Bainbridge
B107 The Caddis and the Angler Larry Solomon & Eric Leiser
B108 Matching the Hatch Ernest Schwiebert
B109 The Essential Fly Tier J. Edson Leonard
B110 Fly Tying Materials Eric Leiser
B111 Noll Guide to Trout Flies H.J.Noll
B112 Go-To Flies – 101 Pattersn the Pros Use Tony Lolli
B158 Fly Tyers Bench Reference
B159 Tying Nymphs Randall Kaufmann
B160 The Art of Fly Tying John van Vliet
DVD # Title Authors
Fly Fishing – DVD
D1 Basic Bass Lessons for Fly Fisherman Lefty Kreh & Bob Clouser
D2 Brown Trout
D3 May Fly Time on a Chalk Stream Oliver Edwards
D4 The Deep Diving Shrimp & Chalk Stream Entomology Oliver Edwards
D6 The Art of Spey Casting Jeffery Pill
D7 Essential Skills of Oliver Edwards – Beyond the Basics Oliver Edwards
D8 Wet Fly Fishing on Rivers Oliver Edwards
D9 Stream Fishing on Rivers Oliver Edwards
D10 Fly Fishing Better Art Scheck
D11 Light Tackle Tips Lefty Kreh
D12 Exciting World Saltwater Fly Fishing Lefty Kreh
D13 Bugs of the Underworld Ralph & Lisa Cutter
D14 The Underwater World of Trout-Feeding Lies Ozzie Ozefovich
D15 Strategies for Selective Trout Don Swisher
D16 The Perfect Cast Gary Borger
D17 Spey Casting Tips/Faults & Corrections/Forceps Knot Walt Geryk
D18 River Kayak Fishing Skills
D19 Fly Fishing Success – Dry Fly Strategy Humphreys
D20 Fly Fishing Success – Nymphing Strategy Joe Humphreys
D21 Fly Fishing for Striped Bass -E. Coast Fishermen
D47 Bass Location Secrets
D49 River Smallmouth Summer Patterns Jeff Little
D50 River Smallmouth Fall Patterns Jeff Little
D51 Search and Sight Fishing Oliver Edwards
D52 The Orvis Fly Fishing School
D53 Nymphing, Gary Borger
D54 Lefty’s Tips, & Techniques For Fly Fishing Vol.1 Lefty Kreh
D55 Lefty’s Tips, & Techniques for Fly Fishing- Vol 2 Lefty Kreh
D56 Formula for Success: Bass Hannon, Linder & Farmer
D57 Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass Harry Murray
D63 Introduction to Spey Casting Jon & Amy Hazel
D64 The Underwater World of Trout-Discovery Ozzie Ozefovich
D65 A Pennsylvania Guide’s Favorite Flies & How to Fish Them Mary Kuss
Fishing Locations DVD
D22 Colorado Trout Fishing
D23 Flyfishing – Western & Eastern Canada Salmon Action
D24 Master of the Letort, Ed Shenk
D25 Fly Fishing Yellowstone Hatches Craig Matthews
D26 Fishing the Chesapeake Kevin Whitley
D27 Kayak Fishing the Chesapeake Bay – River Kayak Fishing Kevin Whitley
D48 Coastal Fly Fishing Ken Hanley
Miscellaneous DVD
D28 Thought & Reflections Frank Smoot
D29 Fireside Creed Frank Smoot
D30 Talk on Conservation Frank Smoot
D31 We Guard Tomorrow Today – The Brotherhood of Jngle Cock
D32 The Lost World of M.R. Hardy
Fly Tying DVD
D5 Fly Tying Basics Jack Dennis
D33 Tying and Fishing the Four Stages of the Mayfly Barry Beck
D34 Tying with Turkey
D35 Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple
D36 Understanding Fly Tying Material Scott Sanchez
D37 Masters of Fly Tying Vol 3, Tying Techniques Bob Popovics
D38 Essential Pattern Series Vol 1 Quick Ties Oliver Edwards
D39 Favorite Flies Vol II Woven Flies Oliver Edwards
D40 Big Dry Flies for Fast Water C. Boyd Pfeiffer
D41 Tying Warmwater Flies, C. Boyd Pfeiffer
D42 Getting Started with Fly Tying Cabelas
D43 Practical Fly Patterns that Catch Trout Charlie Meck & Eric Stroup
D44 The Art of Fly Tying John Van Vleit
D45 Hooked on Fly Tying-Spinning Deer Hair Chris Helm
D46 Tying Saltwater Patterns For Trophy Trout Vol 4 Denny Rickards
D58 Tying Bass Flies, Jimmy Nix
D59 Basic Fly Tying, Vol 1
D60 Pop Fleyes-Saltwater Patterns Bob Popovics
D61 The Tying Techniques of Bob Popovicks Bob Popovics
D62 Masters of Fly Tying Vol 1, 50 Years Behind the Vise Bob Clouser & Lefty Kreh