Christmas Party

The WCFF Christmas Party is on the 8th of December. This will be in place of our regular meeting. It will be held at the Stroud Water Research Center in Avondale, Pa. at 6:30. It is potluck, so bring your favorite dish to share. There is a chinese gift swap, so bring a gift around $15.00 if you wish to be in it.

970 Spencer Rd. Avondale, Pa. 19311

Yard Sale – Sporting Gentleman – Saturday 10/9/2015‏

Please let the WCFF club members know that we are having a massive yard sale this weekend.  

If anyone has any fishing stuff they want to get rid of they can bring it to the sale.

Here’s what we are selling (fishing-wise):
Fishpond Westwater fishpond luggage 50% off
All Tiemco hooks 25% off
Orvis single pack flourocarbon leaders 50% off
Select stockingfoot waders (full size runs) 50% off
Select wading shoes (full size runs) 40% off
Fly tying materials
Rod tubes

Stock , Wed, Oct 14‏

Mark Z. has confirmed This Wednesday, October 14, 10 am at Thompson’s bridge for the fall trout stock. I will pick up 2 floats and 4 buckets at mark Cameron’s barn and be  there at  or before 0930. I can use 3-4  people t o load the upstream bucket. Mark tells me we  should bet some nice brookies this time, too.

I have Ed O’Donnell and Ken Henning  coming so far.