cropped-2015_WCFFLogo.jpgWhite Clay Fly Fisher’s Club has been in existence since 1968. It started as a group of people getting together to form a fishing club, dedicated to fly-fishing. From that initial start, the club has continually maintained an active membership and has become an integral part of the fishing scene in the White Clay Creek Watershed. The club is the official keeper of the stream in the “Adopt a Stream” program run by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

This has enabled the fishermen to enjoy fishing in a beautiful stretch of stream that runs through the White Clay Creek Preserve. The White Clay Creek Preserve is the only park in the Pennsylvania park system designated as a preserve, which means it must be kept in its natural state. Fishing in this park is comparable to fishing in remote areas of any state in the United States.

Because of its beauty and uniqueness, in 2000, the entire watershed was designated a Wild and Scenic River by the US Park Service. The club clubhouseconstantly monitors the quality of these waters, and over the past 40 years has built a number of stream habitat improvement projects designed by the Pennsylvania Fish Commission. These projects are built to stop erosion of stream banks, move siltation occurring in the streams because of runoff from farms and new developments, and to provide needed riparian cover for the trout that inhabit the stream. In essence, the club has become the watchdog of this precious resource.